Happy Birthday, Mallory Alaine!

At 11:09 PM on Tuesday, February 28th, a new life entered into our family.  Uncle Kenny and Aunt Meg received a precious new niece and Eli & Casey, a new cousin.My brother, Adam, and sister-in-law, Kim, welcomed their second daughter, Mallory Alaine into the world.

And now, Mollye Addison has a little sister.  Wow.

Like a twisting winding trail so has Mallory's birth story been.

Part of the joy I find in this space here is that I choose to make it one of celebration and documentation.

Because I want to remember the middles of our lives as family.

Last week, Mollye made an impromptu trip to visit us if you will remember here.  Kim's complications with Previa had become severe placing her on complete bed rest at Vanderbilt Medical Center.

We loved having Mollye at our camp all last week and were happy to do whatever was needed to show love and support.

While MAC was here, well, she and I did some designing.  Together, we selected fabrics for matching Big Sister/Little Sister outfits.

This is the part where I ADORE having a niece to share the joy of all things girly with!

Once all done with making, Mollye and I had a photo session.  The weather was too cold for an outside shoot, but I do declare that little miss had no problem working the camera.

I asked her to think about her little sister, Mallory, and this is what I got:

Is she not more precious than you can stand at a mere 3 years old!  

She wanted a skirt that would do

a lot of swirling and would be fluffy

.  Those were her words to be exact.  So, my magic hands drummed her up this outstanding piece.

I so enjoy the eclectic mix of fabric full in color.  There are seven tiers in this ruffle skirt.

With Mallory's due date not until the 2nd week of April, yet with the seriousness of Kim's condition, I opted to create a coordinating pair of preemie sized pants for Mollye's little sis.

I asked Mollye to completely design her k.Mac Twins hairbows all by herself.  She had free reign in all of Aunt Meg's yummy button jars, goodie canisters and ribbon baskets. I quite possibly levitated while watching her make her selections.

Yes, those are feathers.  And, totally fabulous if you ask me.

Check out the complete togetherness of the sisters' ensemble.

In choosing the bohemian type look to this ruffle skirt it leaves me with so many new avenues to create outfits for Mollye.  I have at least 7 different ideas for yummy appliqued tanks and tees accentuating each of the different fabrics on ruffle display.

Can this girl get any cuter?

Oh, I think she just did!

This was the face she made when I asked her how she felt about her little sister.  She reached for Miss Mallory's little pants and looked at me with this angel face.

It's hard to believe she IS the big sis now.

I can remember not knowing how I would love both of my boys when Casey face arrived.  I could hardly even wrap my mind around the love I could have for one more when I so soundly knew all the way to the tips of my toes how much I loved Eli Garrett.  I think every mama has these feelings when the second life-to-love arrives.

And arrived, she has!  Mallory Alaine Casey is here.  All 4 pounds 14 ounces of her.  At 17.5 inches long, Mallory owns the last official day of February as hers.  My whole heart aches to see this tiny sweetheart working so hard to live.  My brother reports to me that she is a feisty one and a mover too.  Kim can't believe how long her toes are.  I can hardly wait to rub her soft skin and meet the face that so many of my prayers have been said for.

Kim Casey is a complete rockstar.  She went into an emergency c-section all alone AND late in the night.  Adam contacted me just as soon as he got the news and with quickness made his way to his wife's side.

At 2:27 AM,  I received the most precious news.

My heart wept as my mind had prayers on CAP LOCK thanking Him for this wonderful birth, early and all.

Mollye Addison is ready.

She will be an amazing big sister.  

She is excited.

And, so silly about it.

To share the rest of her life with her little sister.

Aren't we all?!

Happy Birthday, Mallory Alaine!

Aunt Meg :)