The Business of Halloween

Do we look scared of October 31st to you?  I think not.  Halloween has always served as a CAP LOCK of fun for the Cobble Family.  When Eli was just a baby, we would so covet the first glimpse of orange and sparkly on our Wal-Mart shopping shelves.  That boy was gumming Brach's Mellowcreme Pumpkins well before he even had teeth.  Mmmm.  Soft and delicious.  Halloween is heapfuls of festivity, goodies and creating.  Now that doesn't sound appealing to us at all, does it?

Each year brings a new face to our Halloween memories.  This guy you see here adores being in character.  He has, without a doubt, been the driving force behind Casey McGill's love for a good accessory or two to complete the look.  May I remind you of this?
It absolutely killed them that I requested a good ole southern boy smile from them whilst dressed like this.  Mama got what she wanted after a little militant threats coercions.
Aww, sweet relief.  This image capture completely cancelled out the above girly look per Mama's mandate.  Testosterone was at an all time high on our front porch.

"Mom, now take one where we are serious about our work."  I simply snapped.  

They requested another.  The smile picture really did a number on their male psyche.   
And, bring on the friends!  Mario and Luigi just happen to be two of the cutest twins around.  I love thinking back to the friends of Halloween's past.  Costumes, an instant party, free candy and FRIENDS.  Tell me again why so many think Halloween is evil?  
And, they're off!
Break for a photo shoot.
We accompanied our new friends, the Cox Family, in their happy White Pine neighborhood to get our candy on.  Toni Jill and Chad even provided a wonderful meal at that.  Their neighborhood was so quaint and festive.  Lots of orange twinkly lights and even this house.  The owner constructs and creatively carries out a new Halloween theme each year for his yard.  He built a HUGE pirate ship complete with misty smoke from the pirated seas and theme music.  His yard was a masterpiece to say the least.  We were in total awe. 

Daddy and his boys.

I contributed a dessert to this happy Halloween gathering.  The boys and I made our favorite cake concoction.  It's a great dessert to bring to get togethers too.  It's my guilty go-to goody.  Evidence is here.

Our afternoon once school was complete was filled with planning,  creating and gooey gallops of pumpkins guts!

We could hardly wait for dark to come so to see our masterpieces on full monty display.  

Writing in this space allows me to document our life.  It allows us a place to go to reminisce on some pretty great memories.  I have no doubt that these memories collected will be such treasure when our Eli & Casey are all grown up.  My words of Halloweens before can be remembered here and here

And, I leave you with a little looksee of our Halloween's past:

Halloween 2011 
Casey was Darth Vadar and Eli was Luke Skywalker. 
We were living with Kenny's Mom and Step Dad, Carlene & Larro, until closing on our house. 

Halloween 2010
Eli & Casey were pirates. This was our last Halloween at our Hillcrest home.

Halloween 2009
Casey was the Tin Man and Eli was Batman.  I sewed these costumes for them.  Kenny made Tin Man's vest.  
Halloween 2008
Casey was a football and Eli was a train.
I made Casey's football costume.  Kenny completely rocked out and made Eli's train.  By far, this was our most creative Halloween.
Halloween 2007
Casey was a chicken and Eli was a cow.  
I made Casey's chicken head cap and Eli's cow costume.
Halloween 2006
Eli was a Sheriff.  
I made his little vest.
AND, Kenny and I made my belly!  Here I am 7 months pregnant with our little Casey Face!  I couldn't pass up the opportunity to do justice to being a belly dancer!  Making the costume was so much fun!
Halloween 2005
Eli's FIRST Halloween.  
We opted for a Tom Arma Lion costume so Eli could officially be Daddy's Red Bank Lions mascot!

This business of Halloween is serious fun.

.mac :)